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How can we use dISC in the SAlon, Spa, SKINCARE or clinic BUSINESS?

We deal with people everyday in our business, whether you are performing a treatment, taking a booking or selling your skincare brand. You have probably heard the phrase 'there is nothing stranger than folk'..... sometimes you find that you clash with someone and you don't know why or maybe you hit it off with someone very quickly.

DiSC is a way of identifying your behaviour and others so that we can communicate better and understand each other on a higher level. This can boost your confidence, help your personal growth, relationships, ultimately leading to a more confident and successful you. Beauty Sale Mate can provide you with a full DiSC report on your behaviour and also provide a one on one coaching session to discuss your report  and apply the findings to your personal situation. Better still, enjoy a fun and interactive training session with your team where we put DISC in to action with the Consultation and Recommendation process. Reap the retail rewards following training!