Order Your Training Tools Pack for $25

Order Your Training Tools Pack for $25

Welcome to Consultation and Recommendation training! You can watch these videos as many times as you like and have access for one year. You can order your Training Tool Pack which will be sent in the post to you, this includes, Team Wall Chart Tracker, Product Cheat Sheets, Tests and One to One Meeting document and the most important document of them all is the Course Workbook to use alongside the videos. Or you can download and print yourself for free via the links below.

Delighted to have you on board with Beauty Sale Mate

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Download workbook Download test

Download team retail % tracker Download One to One meeting

Download product cheatsheet

1. Course Introduction

4. The client journey

7. Consultation summary

2. Introduction to retail sales

5. Open Questions

8. Consultation summary role play

3. Obstacles to a sale

6. Consultation role play

9. The treatment

10. Reconfirmation

11. Two Option Close

12. Reconfirmation role play

13. Your Column Your Business

14. Introduction to DISC

15. Course conclusion